Have you ever thought about traveling the world? Have you ever found out how long a person can travel around the world and how much money is spent?

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Before deciding to travel around the world, using air, sea or land, find out which route you will take

You can travel traveling by passing the equator or passing the polar path. These two paths will affect how much time and money you will spend because the distance is quite different.

If traveling around the world with the equator, you have to pass 40,075 kilometers, while to travel around the world through the polar track, you will only travel 40,006 kilometers.

Around the world using what vehicles? Walking is more economical but takes a long time.

In Quora, a world question and answer platform, a photographer once calculated how much time to travel around the world using an airplane, after being calculated with mathematics, it turns out humans only need 44 hours to fly around the world. Do not believe? See the following calculation.

But in actual practice, it turns out humans can travel around the world in 11 years 2 months on foot. This travel time is proved directly by a traveler named Jean BĂ©liveau who traveled 75,500 kilometers (longer distance because he chose the winding path). Jean made it through 64 countries and spent 54 pairs of shoes on his way.

History says that Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and Sbastian de Elcano were the first people to successfully travel the world, until now their travel time is still uncertain, which is clearly many people who feel odd about their travel time.

If you really want to travel the world, you must know these things

  1. opportunity for travelers who plan to travel around the world to get flight tickets cheaper than ordinary tickets. An example of an RTW service provider is Star Alliance in collaboration with 1,185 airports in 185 countries. You can choose the route around the world and the country that you will visit.
  2. To travel the world using the help of this RTW, you can travel the world a maximum of one year. The ideal time of travel is 6-12 months.
  3. Choose the time that suits you. Remember, there are countries with two climates and there are countries with 4 climates.
  4. The cost of the RTW program depends on the number of countries and distance traveled. The more countries you want to visit, the more expensive it will cost.
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