Europea..!! Who doesn’t want to go to Europe?? A continent made up of extraordinary countries. Which is rich in history as well as culture, full of buildings with unique gem-like architecture, as well as mouth-watering delicacies. Hmmm. Fantastic! Because of the many uniqueness and tourist attractions in various countries in Europe, you must be confused about which country you will visit for your vacation this time. Actually it doesn’t need to be a problem, because the most important thing is to prepare for your vacation so that when you are in Europe you are no longer confused and just enjoy your fun holiday.

Look for Airplane Promo Tickets, Especially Those Offering the “MULTY-CITY” Option
This multi-city option is the right choice for those of you who want to come and go from different countries. In addition to giving you flexibility in terms of visiting cities far from your original destination, this option will also save you the cost of a single ticket. Emirates and Qatar Airways offer this option. With it, you can vacation in Europe from France and return from Italy. Everything can be according to your wishes!

Is It Better To Buy Eurail Pass Or Not?

Many travelers ask this question. Buy or not it depends on your vacation itinerary schedule. It’s better not to buy it first, if you haven’t done your research thoroughly. If you want to take a vacation to various European countries that are far apart with an uncertain itinerary, then this Eurail Pass will help save costs. In addition, if you are 27 years and under, you can get a Youth Discount. And don’t forget to also take into account the additional costs for night trains and fast trains even if you use the Eurail Pass.

However, if you are on vacation in Europe with a schedule that is already set and everything has been arranged and the time gap for your vacation is still two or three months, then ordering tickets from one place to another will be cheaper by ordering separately. Because the Eurail Pass covers all destinations.

Focus on Visiting Several Countries and Only Visit Important Cities

If this is your first vacation to Europe, surely you will want to visit all the countries. But this is not realistic. It’s useless if you can see all the countries but it’s just a touch and go, tired or not satisfied! The meaning of the holiday will be lost. You better spend your precious time to get a vacation experience in an important city in Europe that is rich in history and culture. Maybe by chatting with local people, studying history in museums, walking in local markets, climbing mountains to get spectacular views, to tasting all local dishes. There are lots of things you can do in each city. So, think carefully about quality and quantity, not the number of countries you visit. Don’t waste your time just on the go, it’s better to do many things at the same time!

Feet Are The Best Transportation In The City

You are young and energetic right? Yes.. At least, young at heart with a burning passion! The best and easiest sport is walking. Not only save money, but you can also use a few calories from your body while enjoying the atmosphere around you. And you may also find lots of hidden places in the alleys of Europe. Or who knows, you can meet local Caucasians. haha..

Download Offline Maps On Google Maps App

A walk in a city you’ve never visited or even seen before is sure to be confusing. Plus less able to speak the local language. You should make sure your cellphone is fully charged then download offline maps, so you don’t have to worry about the wifi signal either. Mark the places you want to visit, then with location directions on Google Maps you just have to follow the directions to that place. It’s simple!

Avoid Eating in Touristy Areas And Better Cook Yourself

Surely you already know, if the food in the tourist area is definitely expensive. If your vacation budget is minimal, you will definitely choose a place to eat that fits your pocket and tastes good. Try asking local people for their recommendations for places to eat. But usually the must-eat food in Europe is usually found in its small streets far from tourist places. If you want to save even more, you can find groceries at the local supermarket and cook it yourself.

Tips for a European Vacation for a First Time Visit