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The choice of a boat depends on the use for which you are purchasing or hiring it. Boats are specialized in their functions and may be appropriate for one activity and imperfect for another. Some are made to suit general purposes, such as sailing, water sports, cruising, and fishing.

Dual Console Boats offers different types of boats. These include the following;


These are large boats that provide ideal recreational and holiday accommodation facilities. Houseboats have various shapes and sizes that offer comfort in the water, depending on individual needs. They have broad floors and have modern amenities such as dining, entertainment, and sleeping spaces.

Houseboats use motors to operate since they are placed in a specific location. They are used for fun activities that involve a large number of people. They are used for water sports, family cruising, and sailing activities.

Fishing Boats 

These are boats made for fishing purposes only and can be used in both fresh and salty water bodies. They are made with strong and durable materials that sustain them in different waterways. Fishing boats used offshore are strongly built and tall to withstand harsh conditions and salty water.

Boats made of aluminum are more durable and weigh less. They are made with thin profiles that make them move with ease in large water bodies.

Deck Boats

These are boats with an open deck that offers sitting space for a group of people. The boat has a v shape with a wide beam that helps it accommodate many passengers. Deck boats are long enough to offer an ideal space for sailors.

These boats are mostly used for recreational activities such as water sports and swimming.

Cabin Cruisers

These are large boats that offer all the features of a home. They offer a wide range of modern comforts, such as power generators, air conditioners, and heaters. Cabin cruiser boats have a deep bottom and a secure shaft that makes them ideal for salty waters. They are mostly used for more relaxed and comfortable sailing. 

Various Types of Boats