Cappadocia is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Turkey, with unique views and enchanting hot air balloon attractions. This area is a tourist attraction located in the province of Nevsehir. Here, the building still maintains the typical old Turkish style. If you visit this area, you will find unique rock sites and various buildings such as houses and towers made of stone.

As has been widely discussed, seeing the natural scenery by riding a hot air balloon there is indeed an unforgettable experience. However, this area also has various facts that are rarely known by the wider community. Here are interesting facts about one of the best destinations in Turkey.

1. Geographical Location of Cappadocia

The geographical location of this area often confuses people. Many think that Cappadocia is a city, but in fact it is the name of an area that borders 5 cities. These cities are Nevşehir, Niğde, Kayseri, Aksaray and Kırşehir.

2. History of Cappadocia

The word Cappadocia that we often use is the name of this area in English. In Turkish, the Turks call it Kapadokya. The word Kapadokya comes from the word Katpatuka which means Land of beautiful horses. The word is Persian because Cappadocia used to be included in the power of the Persian Empire during its territorial expansion.

3. Fairy Chimneys from a Volcanic Eruption

One of the attractions of this area is Fairy Chimneys or Bacaları Fairy. Peri Bacaları is a cone-shaped rock produced from lava resulting from the eruption of 3 volcanic mountains. The mountains are Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan, and Mount Melendiz.

4. Goreme Village is one of the settlements in this area which is still inhabited today. The village is a major tourist area

Göreme is the name of a valley and the name of a city in Turkey which is located in the province of Nevsehir. The city has had different names throughout history: Κόραμα, Matiana, Maccan and Avcilar, names still frequently used today. Recently renamed Göreme, the name of a valley town for tourism.

5. There are about 600 churches carved out of rock, dating back to medieval times. The churches there feature beautiful frescoes

While in this area, we can find around 600 churches carved with soft rocks. These churches themselves have been around since the Middle Ages, where this area was in its heyday.

6. Starting From Riding Horses

How can it start from riding a horse? In Cappadocia, there are indeed many people who ride horses because there are many horses in this region. Therefore, the name Cappadocia comes from the Persian language, namely ‘Katpatuka’ which means land of horses.

7. The beauty and uniqueness of Cappadocia made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985

8. More than 100 hot air balloons operate every morning. You can fly across the Cappadocia skyline while enjoying the exotic nature

9. Cappadocia is also famous for its massive wine production. In fact, there are several wines that have won international awards

10. There are frequent music concerts held in the cave, including the Cappadocia Music Festival, featuring choirs and orchestras

11. Uniquely, there are a number of underground cities in this area. Some of them are connected by tunnels, even open to tourists

Those are some unique facts about Cappadocia in Türkiye. Its beauty really makes travelers dream of a vacation there. Hopefully one day you can also have a vacation to Cappadocia, okay!

Cappadocia A Viral Vacation Spot, These Are The Facts You Must Know