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Many brides and grooms find themselves looking forward to the honeymoon as much as, and maybe even more than, the wedding itself. A honeymoon is much more than a simple vacation. It’s a chance to rest and recharge after the stressful wedding planning process. A honeymoon is also an opportunity to get to know each other better as a couple and to celebrate the next step in your life together. And, it is a time to just have fun. Whether you are a novice traveler or a frequent flyer, your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. So, how do you plan a honeymoon that is equal parts exciting and relaxing? 

Travel on your own schedule

According to marriage and family therapist Dr. Jane Greer in an interview with Bustle, escaping for a honeymoon soon after the wedding is an ideal way to recover from the stress of planning a ceremony and reception. Plus, a honeymoon in the days following the big event can help to extend the celebration in a more intimate way. 

However, many couples find that traveling soon after the wedding does not work for their schedules. In some cases, work or school schedules mean that taking additional time off for a vacation isn’t practical. Plus, some couples prefer to spend the first days of their marriage with friends and family who have traveled from far away to attend the wedding. While taking the honeymoon immediately after the wedding is the traditional route, many modern couples are opting to postpone the trip for several months. Ideally, newlyweds should take a honeymoon within the first year of marriage to cement bonds and celebrate the start of a marriage 

Book a private flight

Nothing about commercial flights says, “happily ever after.” Long lines for check-in and security can be stressful. And, germ-filled airport and plane restrooms may mean contemplating the “sickness and health” wedding vows. Rather than booking a flight with a commercial airline, use a private jet company to start the honeymoon on a peaceful note. With a private flight, you can forgo commercial airline schedules and plan a take-off time that best suits you. So, you can depart directly after your ceremony or the morning after the reception. Flying private also allows you to sail through security screening and skip the usual airport hubbub, so you can focus on each other and the vacation ahead. 

Do something new together

According to Joree Rose, a licensed marriage counselor, in a conversation with NBC News’ Today, it is important for couples to get out of their comfort zone and have new experiences together. Having new experiences together is an excellent way to make memories and is a bonding experience. Trying new activities, or going to new places, helps couples to dig deeper into their relationships, discover new aspects of each other and have fun together. Plan your honeymoon for a place that neither of you has ever been to, or schedule a few fresh activities to do together. Whether it is taking a scuba diving or cooking or dance class, learning something new can be a prime way to strengthen a relationship during a honeymoon.

How To Plan A Relaxing Honeymoon