Art exhibitions are the first thing people plan to see when visiting Amsterdam. Have you thought about other activities to do in Amsterdam after visiting art exihibitions of The Kid in Amsterdam? Amsterdam’s culinary scene is known for its delicious treats and desserts that are a must-try when visiting the city. Did you know unexpected places hold some of the best desserts? After exploring contemporary art at Moco Museum, indulge in a sweet treat at the museum’s café. Try the stroopwafels, a classic Dutch snack consisting of two thin waffle layers with a caramel filling, or the traditional Dutch apple pie, served warm with whipped cream. For something more traditional, head to Patisserie Holtkamp, a local institution that has been serving delectable pastries and chocolates since 1969. Here, you can sample everything from decadent chocolate truffles to delicate fruit tarts.

Top desserts spots in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is known for its wide variety of museums, it also has a varied gastronomic offer in sweets. For those who love ice cream, IJsboerderij de Oude Pijp is a great option, with various flavours made from natural ingredients. Another popular spot is Van Stapele Koekmakerij, which specialises in chocolate cookies with a soft, gooey centre. For those who prefer something more traditional, Patisserie Tout offers a variety of French-inspired pastries and desserts, including macarons and tarts. The Pancake Bakery is a must-visit for something unique, offering a wide range of sweet and savoury pancakes, including the famous Dutch pancake with bacon and syrup. Finally, for those who want to indulge in luxury desserts, go to the patisserie Huize van Wely, known for its handmade chocolates and high-end pastries.

Don’t be Hansel and Gretel

When you experience exquisite desserts in Amsterdam, you’ll undoubtedly want to sample them all and won’t be able to stop. However, it’s essential to set limits and not overindulge, lest you end up as Hansel and Gretel, lost in the woods. The key is to plan your dessert consumption throughout the day. Have a light breakfast, then save room for a sweet treat mid-morning or afternoon. Take a walk in between to burn off some calories. Avoid eating desserts late at night as they can interfere with your sleep, and you might not feel great the next day. Also, it’s important to set daily limits and not overdo them. For example, plan to try a new dessert each day or limit yourself to two desserts daily. By being mindful of your dessert intake and setting limits, you can fully enjoy Amsterdam’s sweet treats without feeling guilty or lost in the woods. 

Desserts you must try in Amsterdam