Your home holds everything precious to you. It holds not only all of your things but also your family. Because of that, you want to do what you can to keep everything and everyone safe from intruders. Here are some ways that you can make your home more secure.

Add a Deadbolt

Many doors simply come with a locking handle. While this is better than nothing, it’s likely not going to do much to stop someone from trying to break in. Instead, call your local locksmith and ask them to install a deadbolt. 

Deadbolts Minneapolis MN are an extra locking mechanism on your door that helps enforce it, making it harder for someone to gain entry. When meeting with your locksmith, ask that they use 2 to 3-inch screws to secure the deadbolt. The longer screws will make it much harder for someone to force their way in.  

Add Window Locks

Window locks are additional locks that you put on your window track. You put the lock next to the window sash so that it can’t be opened. These locks can be used in addition to the locks on the windows. However, they are also helpful if you like to leave your window cracked for ventilation. 

Before buying window locks, make sure you know which kind of windows you have. If you have older metal windows, you’ll likely be okay with a simple aluminum lock. However, if you have vinyl windows, an aluminum lock isn’t wide enough to fit most vinyl window tracks. 

Add Outside Lights

If you have a dark house without lights, you’re creating the perfect environment for intruders. They’ll have the cover of darkness to do whatever they want and won’t be worried about being seen. Instead, add motion detector lights on all sides of the house. You want to ensure that you don’t have any dark spots. An intruder is going to be much more likely to leave if you have lights on your property. 

Easy Ways To Secure Your Home