There are many things that need to be prepared before traveling around the world. Regarding luggage, it is better to carry items that are important. Carrying too much luggage can be troublesome. It also can potentially be subject to a high nominal baggage fee.

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1. Stationery and Books

Writing supplies and books are very important for you who are traveling with backpackers. In addition to recording all schedules or travel journals. By writing a travel journal, all vacation moments can be immortalized forever in a unique and different way.

2. Travel Organizer

Travel Organizer or often also called Travel Pounch is a container for storing a variety of small objects to make it easier to carry anywhere. This Travel Organizer is very useful for organizing luggage such as cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines to keep it neat while in the bag.

3. Earphone or Headset

Earphone or headset become one of the mandatory objects when traveling because it will be a friend to kill boredom during the trip. Without this thing, maybe your boredom will explode. Earphones or headsets can be used to play songs or audio books.

4. Travel Charger

Travel Charger is very important to keep your smartphone on during your traveling trip. Using a Travel Charger will help you to resolve the problem of discrepancies between the plugs and sockets that are often experienced in hotels or some countries.

5. Masking tape

A bit strange indeed, but sticky tape can be a savior in an emergency while traveling. For example, sticky tape can help when a bag, shirt, or shoe is torn. Indeed, emergency things like this do not always happen, but it would be better to be on guard for even the worst conditions.

6. Sunglasses

Glasses are very important to carry no matter what the weather is because it can support the appearance in order to stay stylish and trendy during traveling trips. In addition, sunglasses can also protect the glare of the sun’s rays that damage the eyes.

7. Shoes or Sandals

Choose shoes or sandals that do have a special design in accordance with the terrain of the destination destination. For example, wear hiking boots or mountain sandals if it’s going to the mountain climbing. It should also be ensured that the shoes or sandals are comfortable to wear.

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