Western Australia is famous for its landscapes and serene nature spots. When it comes to mother nature’s finest works, you will find an abundance of it in this region in Australia.

young girls playing on rocks on the beach
Waterfall Beach near Albany, Western Australia

During our six months road trip throughout WA, we agreed that you have the best beaches in Australia in this part of the country.

That’s a big call, considering Australia has over 10,000 beaches and we really are spoilt for choice.

But when it comes down to choosing the best for sheer quality, attractions, beauty and atmosphere – I think Western Australian beaches just come out on top.

If you’re looking for beaches with pure white sand for digging your toes into, crystal clear turquoise water perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and with the most stunning sunset over the ocean – then WA will blow your mind!

So without further ado, here are the best beaches in Western Australia you cannot miss.

26 Best Beaches in Western Australia

Beaches in Western Australia offer something beaches on the East Coast can’t – serenity. They are a lot less crowded and developed compared to east coast beaches, so it’s easier to find seclusion, if that’s what you’re after.

But as you are about to find out, each Western Australian beach has something special and unique about it.

Go see for yourself…

1. The Basin, Rottnest Island

aerial view of curving beach with rocky headland, white sand and awua water

Rottnest Island is located 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth, and The Basin is my favourite beach on Rotto.

A stunning beach, you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually on the Great Barrier Reef. Just off the beach, a hole in the platform reef forms a large natural swimming pool.

The Basin is sheltered and very popular with families and great for snorkellers (ideal for novices) due to shallow reefs and gentle swells.

Once you’re done swimming in the turquoise water and laying on the soft white sand, walk up to the top of the rocky headland for an incredible view. Or simply cycle around the island and see the amazing coastal views.

2. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

white sand and turquoise water of Turquoise Bay

Exmouth is a town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia, a 15 hour drive north of Perth and Turquoise Bay is reason enough to visit.

You’re swimming within metres of the famous Ningaloo Reef, which is famous for being full of marine life. In the right season, you will find majestic whale sharks (between March and August) and sometimes even sea turtles, humpback whales, orcas and manta rays.

The “Bay” is brilliant for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing.

Don’t miss the popular drift snorkel, one of the coolest snorkelling experiences you can have. Park at the “drift car park” for direct access and swim out a few metres and let the current carry you north, exiting before the sand bar which is prone to strong currents!

3. Cable Beach, Broome

people riding camels at Sunset on Cable Beach

Cable Beach has it all and ranks in our top three favourite beaches in Australia. Sand dunes roll down changing from red soil to light orange, to eventually fade into pure white sand as it reaches the turquoise Indian Ocean.

If you have never viewed an ocean sunset, Cable Beach is the place to be and you can admire the setting sun from the sand, at a sunset bar, or atop a camel.

Perfect for long walks, beach cricket, 4wd tailgating, camel rides, swims and an evening picnic on the fabulous grassed area, Cable Beach is deserving of its spot as one of the world’s best beaches!

4. Hamelin Bay, Margaret River

looking out ofver the crystal clear blue water of Hamlin Bay

Possibly the most picturesque beach in the Margaret River region. Fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and natural dunes. Great spot for swimming, snorkeling, and apparently scuba diving.

But that’s not all, Hamelin Bay is the best place we’ve seen wild stingrays in Australia. They come right into shore and swim around your feet. Just head down towards the boat ramp and you’ll see the crowd gathered. Amazing!

5. Bill’s Bay at Coral Bay

white sand and clear water of curving beach at coral bay

I’m happy to say Coral Bay lived up to its reputation as one of Western Australia’s favourite family holiday spots, with Bill’s Bay, the main beach in town, being the highlight.

It’s a huge, sweeping bay protected by the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park making it a snorkeling and swimming paradise.

The water is crystal clear turquoise blue and large colourful fish swim around your ankles in the shallows, and we even got lucky and saw a few rays close to shore. You might also get a glimpse of some turtles or reef sharks in the area, if you’re lucky.

Swim or snorkel straight offshore and admire the coral, or start snorkeling at the point and let the current carry you back to Bill’s Bay.

6. Elephant Rocks, Denmark

rocks shaped like elephants in the water

Elephant Rocks is located 15 kilometres from the town of Denmark in William Bay National Park, about a 4.5 hour drive from Perth. Whilst it might seem off the beaten track, it’s a must if you’re in the south-west region of WA.

Take the short walk from the car park along a coastal track and you’re rewarded with a stunning view out over the Great Southern Ocean. If you’re looking at the rocky outcrop from a particular viewpoint you’ll see that it’s called Elephant Rocks because it resembles a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow waters.

Another magic family beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

7. Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, near Albany

Little Beach, 35 kilometres east of Albany is a beautiful white beach and one of the nicest beaches on the southwest coast. Turquoise water, white sand, and a giant stone against the sea make this beach a must-see in the region.

We didn’t swim on this occasion but enjoyed a lovely beach walk and picnic at the far end, don’t forget your own supplies.

8. Yallingup Beach, Margaret River Region

sweeping curve of Yallingup Beach with green headland

One for the surfers in the family. Yallingup Beach has powerful surf and our morning ritual usually consisted of grabbing a coffee from the mobile coffee man at Yallingup point car park and watching the surfers ride the waves.

Yallingup is also a favourite spot for snorkelers due to the sheltered swimming lagoon at the southern end of the beach, and there’s a great kid-friendly swimming area and a nice long stretch of beach heading north for a walk.

9. Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island

lighthouse on corner of curving Pinky Beach

Beneath the Bathurst Point Lighthouse on Rottnest Island lies Pinky Beach, another one of Rottos to die for beaches.

An easy stroll from the main town at Thomson Bay, Pinkies sparkling blue water and white sand make for a postcard-perfect beach. Get here early and take a morning dip and you just might have this beach all to yourself!

10. Cottesloe Beach, Perth

view of cottesloe Beach and surf club on sand

Cottesloe is a beach-side suburb about a 15 minute drive from the city of Perth, famous for its beach, cafes, relaxed lifestyle, and Sunday sessions.

For a city beach, Cottesloe is one of the better ones.

Because of its crystal clear water, it’s a popular place for swimming and snorkeling. Perth sure knows how to put on a sunset show and Cotts is the place to be with takeaway fish & chips and a cold bevvy.

11. Meelup Beach, Margaret River Region

Peopel sitting under umbrellas on

Family-friendly Meelup Beach is another picturesque beach in the Margaret River region, near Dunsborough. It’s much loved by families as the protected bay creates ideal swimming conditions.

It’s also popular place for boaters to drop anchor and enjoy an afternoon of swimming and relaxing. There are BBQs and picnic tables under the leafy gum trees with plenty of grassy areas to laze around on.

Our kids happily played in the sand here and enjoyed a swim in the calm waters whilst mum and dad kicked back on the grass and read a book.

For the adventurous, there are kayaks for hire which seemed like a popular activity with plenty of local folks out on the water.

One thing to be wary of when visiting Meelup Beach, is that the area can be fly-heavy!! You may just need a fly net. It was so bad, we could not stay for long.

12. Sandy Bay, Exmouth

brilliant blue water and sky of Sandy Bay

If you’re looking for white sandy beaches in Western Australia, look no further!

We found paradise at Sandy Bay, and had it all to ourselves – I love that about WA beaches! This beach is easily one of the most popular beaches in Australia, for good reason!

girl swimming with float in sandy bay

Endless white sand, crystal clear water, dark blue skies, and the shallow waters of Sandy Bay made it an excellent beach for our kids, and apparently, it’s a popular place for kite surfers when the wind is right.

There’s a picnic table with shade overlooking the beach for a lunch break or brekky, or just as good as grabbing a spot on the sand (there’s plenty of space).

13. Little Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island

aerial view of water and reefs of Little Salmon Bay

One of the most popular bays on Rottnest Island and another favourite spot for families. Sheltered and calm, Little Salmon Bay is one of the best snorkelling sites around Rotto suitable for young kids and beginner snorkellers – rich in fish life with some of the best coral reefs on the island.

Even if you’re not into snorkeling, you can still take in the beauty with just a swim or relax on the sand.

14. Lucky Bay, Esperance

wide sweeping view of Lucky Bay,

Cape Le Grand National Park is home to Lucky Bay, a 45-minute drive from the town of Esperance.

While many people visit Esperance for Wharton Beach near Duke of Orleans Bay, our personal favourite is Lucky Bay.

You’ve probably seen photos of Lucky Bay, that famous beach with kangaroos hopping about, and who can’t resist lazing on the sand here.

kangaroo on beach

Besides kangaroos, Lucky Bay is undoubtedly pretty and open to four-wheel driving, although the sand is that compacted you could drive almost any car on the beach.

Whilst I wrote in a previous post that I wouldn’t hurry back to Esperance, it’s hard to keep Lucky Bay off the list of best beaches in WA.

15. Town Beach, Broome

palm tree on Town Beach

Town Beach in Broome is nowhere near as popular as Cable Beach, but come here at high tide and you’ll get a pretty picture, the full turquoise colour picture – you won’t see a more divine breakfast view then this in WA.

But do return at low tide as well as the tide goes so far out you can walk out on the squelchy mud flats, and on really low tides you can walk a kilometre out to the wreckage of the World War II flying boats, sunk during the bombing by the Japanese.

Town Beach also plays host to the natural phenomenon called Staircase to the Moon. As the moon rises above the mud flats shine its light upon it so it looks like stairs leading up to it.

16. Prevelly & River Mouth, Margaret River

waves rolling into Prevelly

The closest beach to the town of Margaret River, Prevelly is famous around the surfing world as being home to the pro surfing event held every April at Surfers Point.

That’s one sporting event I’d like to witness. The coastline is stunning here as you drive down into Prevelly.

But our family favourite is the kid-friendly River Mouth, just around the bend. The shallow and calm water makes it a top spot for the kids to have a paddle on their boogie boards and swim.

It seemed a popular spot with the locals for stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

17. Green Pools, Denmark

people swimming in Green Pools,

A few hundred metres walk around the headland from Elephant Rocks is Greens Pool, another picturesque swimming area definitely worth a visit when in Denmark.

Not quite as pretty as Elephant Rocks, but still a lovely sheltered area to swim, snorkel and relax.

18. Little Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island

girls running into the water at Little Parakeet Bay

On the northern side of Rottnest, Little Parakeet Bay is a secluded cove ideal for swimming and snorkeling, especially for young kids like ours learning to snorkel due to the shallow and clear water.

It’s a little gem and was relatively quiet when we visited late in the afternoon, and the bay is littered with jagged rock formations which make a lovely backdrop.

19. Waterfall Beach, Albany

beautiful beach with no one on it

Keep walking over the headland from the before-mentioned Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve and you’ll come to Waterfall Beach, and it’s totally worth the short climb.

girls standing on rock at the beach

In season, a small waterfall winds its way to the ocean through a rock crevasse. As for the beach, it’s stunning. The water once again is that beautiful turquoise, and the bay is much more sheltered from the wind and waves than Little Beach.

Secluded and private. Don’t forget to pack supplies.

20. Twilight Beach, Esperance

rocks in the water at twilight beach

Drive west out of Esperance and 7km along the Great Ocean Drive will bring you to Twilight Beach, the most popular swimming and surfing beach in the Esperance area. I preferred it to Lucky Bay, definitely easier to access.

The calm, pristine waters of Twilight make for an idyllic spot for swimming and snorkelling. As the beach curves to the southwest it becomes increasingly protected by two offshore rocks.

This beach is patrolled by surf lifesavers during the summer months making it ideal for families.

21. Shell Beach

woman and girl holding hands walking on white sand

Not a beach to swim at or lay around on, but Shell Beach is interesting in that the actual beach you see here has been created by millions of tiny shells!

It’s well worth a look if you are doing the World Heritage Drive in the Shark Bay region.

22. Scarborough Beach

homes on the Scarborough Beach,
Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is known for its turquoise waters and clean sandy beach. The beach is lined with a thriving pedestrian promenade with a children’s adventure playground and skating bowls.

There are several events that take place here throughout the year, including pop up art installations and live music at the amphitheatre.

If you’re looking for a beach with entertainment, you will love the climbing wall, half-court basketball, and outdoor gym at Scarborough Beach.

23. Eighty Mile Beach, Port Hedland

rocky headland and beach with no one on it at Port Hedland

Another popular beach in Western Australia is Eighty Mile Beach, which is actually 90-miles long, but it was renamed to avoid confusion between another beach with the same name in Victoria.

While some visit beaches for swimming and relaxing, at Eighty Mile Beach, you can unleash the adventure within.

Climb aboard a 4WD vehicle and hit the sand.

The scenic drive takes about 1.5 hours and goes from Port Hedland to Broome.

The beautiful beach is lined with fishing spots, places to swim, and of course, an abundance of incredible views.

24. Cape Leveque, Kimberley

family posing for camera in front of red cliffs on beach at Cape Leveque,

Nestled on the northern most tip of Western Australia is Cape Leveque, known for its vibrant red rock formations.

It sits on the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region, and is one of the most remote beaches in Western Australia.

You’ll find few facilities here, not even toilets or showers, but the stunning natural scenery is still worth visiting.

birds eye view view of red cliffs and ocean at Cape Leveque

It should be noted that to access this beach, you will need a 4WD and drive down the 206 kilometres drive on Cape Leveque Road.

Still, thousands of visitors tackle the journey each year, and hardly anyone says it wasn’t worth it.

25. Misery Beach

isloated cove with waves rolling in

You wouldn’t know it with a name like Misery Beach, but this is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Western Australia!

It’s located in a very remote location, 400 kilometers south of Perth, near Albany.

It was named Misery Beach after the nearby waters became a hot spot for whaling in the 1900s, and it was said the stunning waters would be filled with the blood of slaughtered whales.

Fortunately, whaling is no longer legal as of 1978, and the beach has been restored to its natural beauty. In fact, you can often see whales migrating off the shores during autumn months.

Final Thoughts on The Beaches in Western Australia

So there you have it, those are the best beaches in WA and as you can see, each one offers something special and unique.

Whether you’re looking for snorkelling hot spots, white sand to relax on, amazing rocky landscapes or places to enjoy with the kids, there’s a beach for everyone in WA.

We hope you have the best time exploring Australia’s most beautiful beaches and find your own little slice of paradise.

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What do you think are the best beaches in Western Australia? Which beach from this list would you most like to visit? Please share down below in the comments section any beach we have left off this list that you think should be added.

26 Best Beaches in Western Australia You Cannot Miss!
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